OLLI Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering? Learn more about volunteering with OLLI committees in this brochure, then complete our volunteer interest form.

To add a volunteer opening to this list, or if you have any questions, email OLLI or call 828.251.6140.

Civic Engagement Committee

Engage OLLI members in the broader community of local nonprofit organizations, working in education, food insecurity, and homelessness. Read more about the Civic Engagement Committee.

Contact: Civic Engagement Committee Chair

College for Seniors Class Rep or Zoom Assistant

For in-person courses, a great way to break into CFS is to be a Class Rep—someone who helps their instructor, welcomes folks to class, takes attendance and on occasion makes announcements. Learn more about Class Reps.

For online courses, get involved with CFS as a Zoom Assistant. A knowledge of some very basic features of online learning via Zoom is all that is required. Learn more about Zoom Assistants.

Before each term, OLLI staff and the Class Rep & Zoom Assistant Coordinator will contact members who are enrolled in CFS courses to recruit Class Reps and Zoom Assistants.

Contact: College for Seniors Class Rep & Zoom Assistant Coordinator

College for Seniors Subject-Area Subcommittee

Subcommittee members assist College for Seniors staff to develop and evaluate course offerings, to support instructors and to organize and host events. If you are interested in serving on one of 11 subject-area subcommittees, complete the volunteer interest form.

Contact: CFS Program Manager

College for Seniors Instructors

The College for Seniors is always looking for new instructors and new course topics. All CFS instructors are volunteers. If you have an idea or interest that other OLLI members would enjoy learning about, offer to give a course in the fall, winter, spring or summer terms. You’ll need to submit a course proposal about five months prior to the term in which you intend to teach. Typically a course runs four, six or eight weeks, one class per week, two hours per class. The CFS fall and spring terms are eight weeks, while the winter and summer terms are six weeks. Learn more and access course proposal forms.

Contact: CFS Program Manager

Communication Committee

If you love writing, communications, social media, marketing and/or photography, you are invited to discover the OLLI Communication Committee! Read more about the Communication Committee. The Communication Committee and the people who serve on it are a dynamic and  creative bunch. We provide publicity, promotion and information distribution for all the members of OLLI chiefly through the Sunday OLLI Observer electronic newsletter. We also provide content and press releases through the UNC Asheville Communications & Marketing Department. One of our most ambitious projects is providing biweekly stories about the many interesting members, teachers and programs at OLLI. Our committee meets the third Monday of each month at 4:15 p.m. for 90 minutes or less, and members volunteer about 3 or 4 hours more per month to interview and write stories. Interested? Did we have you at “writing”? Let’s talk.

Contact: Communications Committee Chair

Events and Hospitality Volunteers

We regularly hold events at the Reuter Center where we need some extra hands to help out. Events volunteers may help with refreshments, decorating and other needs that come up. Hospitality volunteers greet and welcome members at New Member Welcome events and member socials, and advise on Special Interest Groups. This is a great way to meet people! You will be contacted periodically to see if you’re interested and available. Read more about the Member Engagement Committee.

Contact: Member Engagement Committee Chair

Facilities Committee

Consult and advise with OLLI staff on facility operations, equipment needs, building maintenance and safety. Read more about the Facilities Committee.

Contact: OLLI Communications & Facilities Coordinator

Finance Committee

Assist with the preparation and review of budgets, financial statements and overall financial performance and coordinate fundraising efforts. Read more about the Finance Committee.

Contact: Finance Committee Chair

Inclusion Committee

Develop OLLI as an inclusive educational community, one that is welcoming to a diversity of people from different backgrounds. Read more about the Inclusion Committee and the Inclusion Initiative.

Contact: Inclusion Committee Contact

Life Transitions Committee

Coordinate existing programs and engage in new efforts that address the transitions adults face in later life.  Read more about the Life Transitions Committee.

Contact: Life Transitions Committee Chair

Strategic Planning Committee

Organize and coordinate the preparation of OLLI’s five-year strategic plans. Aid the OLLI Steering Council’s committees in developing and implementing annual action plans and new program proposals. Read more about the Strategic Planning Committee.

Contact: Strategic Planning Committee Chair

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