Civic Engagement

OLLI’s Civic Engagement Committee seeks to identify, define and develop a sustainable plan of action which addresses signature social issues in Greater Asheville that engage and provide a significant volunteer experience among the OLLI membership community.

If you would like to learn more about getting involved, please contact OLLI at 828.251.6140 or

OLLI Calls to Action

The CEC defines a “Call to Action” to meet a specific need in the community. The committee has focused on education, housing and homelessness, and hunger and food insecurity and offers OLLI members the opportunity to work with various local organizations addressing critical needs in our community and to work in a group.

Find a list of active Civic Engagement Committee volunteer opportunities and contact information so that you can find the right volunteer members and work with other OLLI members to address important issues in the Asheville area.

Find a poster with all of OLLI’s current Civic Engagement Committee opportunities.

New OLLI volunteers are always welcome. If you have an interest, watch the OLLI Observer for weekly postings or email Civic Engagement Committee chairman Kathy Gainey,

Get engaged….become involved.…receive satisfaction

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