Groups & Volunteers

Besides participating in our established programs, OLLI at UNC Asheville members have many opportunities to get involved and contribute to the OLLI, UNCA and great Asheville communities.

  • OLLI Authors is a quarterly reading featuring two poets or prose authors. The purpose of OLLI Authors is to provide a forum for OLLI member and community writers to showcase their creative efforts. It’s also an opportunity for OLLI and community members to hear, appreciate and purchase readers’ published work.
  • Performance groups such as the Reuter Center Singers comprise a unique component of OLLI’s community spirit.
  • Shared Interest Groups offer a way to pursue shared interests with other OLLI members. SIGs meet on a regular schedule, weekly to monthly, according to the needs of the group.
  • OLLI volunteers are involved in every aspect of OLLI operations and programming. An average of over 400 enthusiastic volunteers work with seven staff members to bring OLLI classes, lectures, events, and programs to you. We are always looking for fresh ideas, talents and skills.
  • Civic Engagement Committee volunteers work in organizations outside OLLI to make a difference in the areas of education, housing, and hunger and food insecurity. Find out more about opportunities for OLLI members to volunteer in the community.
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