Space Usage at the Reuter Center

Space in the Reuter Center is available to the campus and to public organizations when not in use. For reservations and information, email us or call 828.232.5181.

Reuter Center Space Usage Fee Schedule

Monday through Friday

  • The Manheimer Room (Room 102A/B) and Atrium
    • 2 hours – $200
    • 4 hours -$350
    • 4+ hours – $500
  • Classroom 120
    • 2 hours – $100
    • 4 hours – $175
    • 4+ hours – $250
  • Classroom 205 or 207
    • 2 hours – $50
    • 4 hours – $75
    • 4+ hours – $100
  • Classroom 206
    • 2 hours – $100
    • 4 hours – $175
    • 4+ hours – $250
  • Classroom 230
    • 2 hours – $100
    • 4 hours – $175
    • 4+ hours – $250


  • The Manheimer Room (Room 102A/B) and Atrium
    • 2 hours – $250
    • 4 hours -$400
    • 4+ hours – $600
  • Classroom 120
    • 2 hours – $150
    • 4 hours – $250
    • 4+ hours – $350
  • Classroom 205 or 207
    • 2 hours – $75
    • 4 hours – $100
    • 4+ hours – $125
  • Classroom 206
    • 2 hours – $150
    • 4 hours – $250
    • 4+ hours – $350
  • Classroom 230
    • 2 hours – $150
    • 4 hours – $250
    • 4+ hours – $350

Space Usage Policy

The University of North Carolina at Asheville: Policies and Procedures Manual for the use of the Reuter Center (RC) in conjunction with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UNC Asheville (OLLI)

A. Use of the Reuter Center Facility

1. OLLI and UNC Asheville Use

The Reuter Center (RC), including its building, outdoor facilities, and gardens, is an education and support facility primarily for use by programs and members of OLLI. Recognizing OLLI’s integral relationship to the UNC Asheville community at large and the fact that RC is officially a state owned building, part of the UNC Asheville campus, and maintained by UNC Asheville, it is appropriate that OLLI share use of RC with the UNC Asheville community, and that the facility be available for use by both on-campus and off-campus groups, when their work is compatible with or supplementary to the educational mission of the University and consistent with UNC Asheville policy.

Use of the Reuter Center spaces must comply with all University policies including, but not limited to Policy 4210, Space Scheduling and Use. Policy 4210 may be viewed on the UNC Asheville Policies website.

The Reuter Center is not available to any organization whose activities illegally discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age, veteran status, marital status, or disability. All groups must comply with all university regulations, federal, state and local laws. These regulations, ordinances and laws are to be adhered to by the user, its officers, agents, employees, guest, patrons or invitees. Facilities may not be used in any manner to imply the University or OLLI endorses an ethnic, political, sectarian or religious position.

OLLI reserves the right to deny the use of its facility for any meeting or program which threatens to endanger or disrupt the educational activities of OLLI or the University. Groups using space at the Reuter Center must state the purpose of their event at the time of their space usage inquiry so that the RC facility coordinator can determine whether or not the event aligns with OLLI and University policy. In addition, no individual or group shall be allowed to disrupt any other groups or individuals utilizing the building.

The Reuter Center cannot assume responsibility for personal property and equipment. Liability for damage to the premises is the sole responsibility of those using the facility and will be charged accordingly.

2. Reservations

Requests to use space at the RC may be made by contacting the RC facility coordinator. The RC facility coordinator will send a Reservation Confirmation Form to the person/group using space. All reservations are considered tentative until the signed Reservation Confirmation Form is returned and approved. Groups using space at the Reuter Center will be invoiced the space usage fee and any other applicable fees.

3. Collection and Use of Fees

The established fee policy is to be used to support the following RC needs including but not limited to maintenance, facility staffing costs, administrative overhead, landscaping costs, purchase of needed RC infrastructure, or replacement of said infrastructure. RC is not a profit-making entity and will avoid competition with university or community resources.

Accordingly, OLLI executive director and the Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs shall adopt a reasonable fee schedule for use of the RC facility. Any fees collected shall be placed in a designated UNC Asheville account and be made available to OLLI for funding of the above listed needs.

B. Requirements
All members of the University and local/regional community must make reservations for use of space (inside or outside) through the Reuter Center facility coordinator, with final approval by the OLLI executive director. Thus, the following policies and procedures are to be followed, in order to make unreserved space available to UNC Asheville and the community at-large and to assure reasonable order in scheduling said use, based on availability.

C. Priorities
1. First Priority – OLLI Programs
OLLI recognizes that its primary responsibility is to provide office, classroom, and support facilities space for all sponsored activities and programs to be held within the RC facility. Therefore, all OLLI sponsored events will have priority in scheduling use of space. The major supportive role of the RC facility is that of promoting educational programs; however, social functions sponsored by OLLI will also be supported in accordance with the guidelines established below.

2. Second Priority – UNC Asheville Groups
OLLI recognizes its complementary role as a component of the UNC Asheville campus and its mission and the opportunity to cooperate with the university in sharing resources, facilities, and learning opportunities. Accordingly, UNC Asheville staff, faculty, students, and UNC Asheville recognized campus groups and affiliates shall have second priority in the use of the RC facility. A UNC Asheville faculty or staff member must be present at any after-hours meetings of student groups meeting in the Reuter Center. The name and campus phone number of that faculty or staff member must be made known to the RC facility coordinator.

a. Advance Scheduling
All UNC Asheville entities shall schedule requested space with the RC facility coordinator at least 14 days before the event. Exceptions can be made if space and resources are available. Also, because facilities may be scheduled by off-campus users, UNC Asheville entities are encouraged to schedule as far in advance as possible, especially if major facility uses are requested, i.e., the multipurpose room, more than one classroom, entire building, catering, etc. However, non-OLLI groups will not be allowed to schedule more than six months in advance of an event in order to protect OLLI’s right to maintain its own programs.

b. Fees
Generally, the use of a RC classroom facility is available to recognized UNC Asheville groups, affiliates, or student organizations without charge. (See Section L for detailed fee policy and rates.) A facility use fee may be charged if it is necessary to make special arrangements that may require use of  set-up, tear-down, and/or clean-up services. The process for accessing such fees will be in accordance with and consistent with those applicable to off-campus groups. An event cosponsored by a UNC Asheville department and an unaffiliated organization or group will qualify for the UNC Asheville space usage rate contingent upon receiving written confirmation from the department chair indicating the department’s financial and/or programmatic involvement in the event. After written confirmation is received from the UNC Asheville department chair, the RC facility coordinator will work directly with the representative designated by the department for the event.

3. Third Priority – Off-Campus Groups
OLLI recognizes its complementary role as a component of the WNC community and the opportunity to cooperate by sharing resources, facilities, and learning opportunities. Accordingly, community groups may use RC space, but are limited in said use as listed below, recognizing that OLLI and UNC Asheville usage, as defined above, shall have a priority and that the following limitations apply:

a. Serial Use- Off-campus groups may not schedule at one time a series of regular meetings throughout the year or semester.

b. Fee- Fees shall be assigned on the basis of the space being used and facilities that are needed. The space usage fee structure is defined later in this document.

c. Special Facility Use Fee-An extra facility use fee may be charged if it is necessary to make special arrangements that require use of janitorial or safety personnel. Groups will be required to cover any costs for  set-up and teardown, and/or clean-up services.

d. Parking-If there is need for parking beyond the RC facility capacity of 129 spaces, including handicapped spaces, University Police shall be notified by the RC facility coordinator, at least two weeks in advance of the event.

e. Priority in Scheduling Events-Space use requests by off-campus groups shall be on a first-come, first-served basis, as available. Additionally, off-campus groups will not be allowed to schedule more than six months in advance of an event.

f. Approval of Requests and Fee Collection Policy-Approval of space usage requests to off-campus groups must be coordinated and approved by the RC facility coordinator and the OLLI executive director. Collection of fees and deposition of said funds shall be through the OLLI business services coordinator and the RC facility coordinator, in accordance with Financial Affairs policy.

D. Master Calendar
The RC facility coordinator shall maintain the facility calendar and, in addition, will also list the following events on the UNC Asheville Master Calendar as appropriate: OLLI special events, UNC Asheville group meeting, off-campus group meetings.

E. Political Meetings
The RC facility is part of the University; as such, it is a part of a publicly owned institution. Thus, its spaces and resources are available to persons and/or groups involved with the political process, without preference. However, requests for RC facilities usage must be in accord with priorities as described in Section C above.

F. Animals
Animals are not permitted within any University building, including the RC facility, with the exception of service dogs and law enforcement sensory or detection dogs. Use of live animals or wildlife for teaching or educational purposes must first be approved by the OLLI executive director. The responsibility of obtaining any needed federal, state, or local permits rests solely upon the space usage group. A copy of any such permits must be submitted to the RC facilities coordinator.

G. Fund Solicitations, Sales and Commercial Promotions
Fund raising by student groups must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. Fund raising activities by faculty and staff must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. No fund raising by or for off-campus groups will be permitted without the approval of the Vice Chancellor for Financial Affairs. Also, selling of goods, services and sales promotions must be approved by the same officials as listed above for fund raising and the OLLI executive director.

H. Distribution of Written Material and Signage
1. Hand Distribution-Campus and off-campus groups may distribute by hand such announcements and written information of their choice during the time of their meeting, so as not to interfere with any other class or program offerings. Groups distributing any announcements will be responsible for their removal from the Reuter Center at the conclusion of their event. Publications for general distribution may be left at the Reuter Center only after receiving permission of the RC facility coordinator and providing the Center with the name, address, phone number and/or email address of the distributor. The Reuter Center retains the right to restrict the quantity of publications as well as the placement of said publications.

2. Bulletin Board Posting-Campus groups may post notices on bulletin boards only after approval by the RC facility coordinator and the OLLI executive direcror. All notices must clearly indicate the name, address, contact person, and telephone number of the group sponsoring it. Campus or off-campus groups may not attach any kind of notice, advertisement, or document of any kind, to any wall, glass, or other similar or decorative surface. Only bulletin boards may be used, following procedures given above. Items attached to walls or other surfaces will be removed. Damage to walls or other surfaces, resulting from violation of the above policy, will require the responsible individual or group to pay for repairs, and may subject the violator(s) of this policy to penalties established under North Carolina General Statute 14-132. The OLLI staff may post notices on classroom doors when emergencies or cancellations exist due to extenuating circumstances. Groups or individuals posting any materials will be responsible for their removal once the expiration date has elapsed.

3. Signage on Campus-Groups using space at the Reuter Center are prohibited from erecting any signs on campus. If the group wants directional signs on campus, they must arrange for signs that meet University specifications.

I. Food Service
Any group needing food services must coordinate such needs with the RC facility coordinator at the time of application. By university policy, Chartwells Catering, the food service company that holds the current contract with the university, has the first right of refusal for all catered events held in the Reuter Center. If Chartwells cannot or elects not to provide this service, the group may petition the Vice Chancellor for Financial Affairs through the RC facility  coordinator to use an off-campus caterer for food service. Arrangements for catering and all catering fees are the responsibility of the party reserving the facility.

J. Alcohol Consumption
The consumption of alcoholic beverages by off-campus groups using the RC facility is generally prohibited. However, the Chancellor’s Office may grant exceptions for off-campus groups wishing to serve beverages with less than 14 percent alcohol by volume. University of North Carolina Asheville Alcohol Beverage Application & Permit should be requested from the RC facility coordinator at the time of confirmation. It is then the renter’s responsibility to complete ALL requested information and to obtain the necessary signatures for the Permit. The approved application must be submitted to the RC facility coordinator at least five working days before the event. A full-time university employee must be present at the event and assume the responsibility for assuring that UNC Asheville policy is observed. This responsible party must assure that no alcohol will be consumed by minors and that amounts consumed by those present will reflect for public safety and applicable law. The person/group using space at the Reuter Center will be charged for the time of the university employee. Alcohol may not be served at events involving fund raising ad/or ticket sales.

All on-campus groups must adhere to the alcoholic beverage policy as set forth and outlined in the Student Guide, the Faculty Handbook, and Policy 26, Alcoholic Beverage Policy of the UNC Asheville Policy and Procedures Manual. When the general public is invited to a university event, no alcohol is permitted; therefore, no off-campus advertising of events is permitted when alcohol is allowed. The following guidelines concerning on-campus advertising are set forth: No mention of beer, wine, etc., is permitted. Only the following statement may appear on publicity flyers and posters: “Alcohol Permit Approved”.

K. Smoking and Related Tobacco Restrictions
The Reuter Center and its facilities, both outside and inside, represent a smoke/tobacco free environment. Thus, smoking and/or consumption of tobacco products in any form or fashion is prohibited.

L. Basic Space Usage Fee Schedule (Does Not Include Fees for Added Services)
The following fee structure applies to non-UNC Asheville organizations. For UNC Asheville groups, there is no charge for space useage. Off-campus users are not permitted to use the name of a UNC Asheville faculty/staff person, a UNC Asheville student organization, or a campus department in order to obtain a reduced rental fee or early confirmation. Time includes set-up and clean-up.

1. Monday through Friday

  • Classroom 205 or 207
    Two Hours – $50.00
    Four Hours – $75.00
    Four + Hours – $100.00
  • Classroom 206
    Two Hours – $100.00
    Four Hours – $175.00
    Four + Hours – $250.00
  • The Manheimer Room and Atrium
    Two Hours – $200.00
    Four Hours – $350.00
    Four + Hours – $500.00
  • Classroom 120
    Two Hours – $100.00
    Four Hours – $175.00
    Four + Hours – $250.00
  • Classroom 230
    Two Hours – $100.00
    Four Hours – $175.00
    Four + Hours – $250.00

2.  Weekends

  • Classroom 205 or 207
    Two Hours – $75.00
    Four Hours – $100.00
    Four + Hours – $125.00
  • Classroom 206
    Two Hours – $150.00
    Four Hours – $250.00
    Four + Hours – $350.00
  • The Manheimer Room and Atrium
    Two Hours – $250.00
    Four Hours – $400.00
    Four + Hours – $600.00
  • Classroom 120
    Two Hours – $150.00
    Four Hours – $250.00
    Four + Hours – $350.00
  • Classroom 230
    Two Hours – $150.00
    Four Hours – $250.00
    Four + Hours – $350.00

3. Entire Building (Week End) – Negotiated Contract – with approval of University CFO

4. Entire Building (Full Week) – Negotiated Contract – with approval of University CFO

5. Package Fee Schedule Arrangement
It should be noted that a package arrangement may be negotiated by a potential space user and OLLI, which requires partial or entire use of the RC facility on an extended time basis, i.e., weekend science exposition, week long conference or workshop, etc. However, under no circumstances can OLLI staff offices be used on any basis.

Additional charges may apply as negotiated if set-up, teardown, clean-up, or security services are needed.  These will be determined at the time of the request and will be determined by personnel needs on an hourly basis.

6. Use of Outside Patio Area. Use of this facility shall be negotiated.

7. Kitchen/Food Fee
There is a minimum charge of $50.00 for use of the catering kitchen. There is a charge of $25.00 for groups bringing food into the building, even if they are not using the kitchen. All catering charges are billed directly by the caterer.

8. Fees for UNC Asheville Funded Groups that are charging an admission fee (as defined in C-2-b), will be subject to a basic rental fee at a pro rata rate of 50% for classroom usage (which are otherwise free).

9. Refundable Damage Fee
A minimum refundable damage fee may be required or for any circumstance that the RC facility coordinator or OLLI executive director deem it appropriate. As noted earlier, North Carolina Statute 14-132 shall apply to the space user under whom damages were incurred. The entire refundable fee must be received 48 hours prior to the scheduled event; refund will be requested within 48 hours of the conclusion of the scheduled event.

10. Fee Refund and Cancellation Policy
Any space use fees shall be returned to a space use group (minus a 15% administrative fee), if a written or electronically transmitted cancellation request is received at least five business days in advance of the scheduled event.  When emergency conditions exist that necessitate the closing of the University or a delayed opening of the University, use of the Reuter Center will also be cancelled or delayed. Space usage groups may find out about such cancellations or delay by accessing the OLLI website at or may call the Reuter Center at 828.251.6140.  In the case of a cancellation or delay initiated by the University, the space usage group may either make arrangements to reschedule with the RC facility coordinator or may obtain a full refund by submitting a written request.

M. Available Rooms and Facilities
The following areas or rooms are generally available, subject to all of the conditions as set forth above. Please note that capacities listed are for classrooms without consideration for social distance:
1. The Manheimer Room (#102 – multipurpose) Table seating capacity of 125. Capacity of 150 for audience or theater style seating.
2. Classroom #205 – Seating capacity of 25
3. Classroom #206 – Seating capacity of 50
4. Classroom #207 – Seating capacity of 20
5. Atrium (lower level)
6. Catering kitchen
7. Classroom #120 – Seating capacity of 20
8. Classroom #230 –  Seating capacity of 30
9. Outside patio, area is approximately 2400 sq. ft. of uncovered space.

N. Use of Audio-visual Equipment
1. Standard AV Equipment
Requests for set-up and use of audio-visual equipment must be made in writing as part of the request application submitted by the space usage group to the RC facility coordinator. Space usage groups can use their own equipment as long as it has approval of RC facilities coordinator.

2. Electronic Digital Equipment
Space usage groups must demonstrate their ability to operate Reuter Center electronic equipment.

3. Other Special Needs
All classrooms are equipped with tables, chairs, white boards, podium, desktop computer with internet connection, an LCD projector, microphone sound systems, and VCR/DVD player. Use of other equipment must be arranged by the space usage group and be referenced in writing as part of the facility use application, and must be approved for use by the RC facility coordinator.

O. Damages
Space usage groups will be responsible for any damages incurred by their group to equipment, fixed building infrastructure (doors, walls, windows, etc.) and non-fixed infrastructure (tables, chairs, furniture, AV equipment, etc.). The RC facility coordinator will determine the extent of any damages that have occurred and will determine the cost of repairing or replacing said damages. If a Refundable Damage Fee had been charged and this fee does not cover the entire damage costs, the space usage group will be billed for the excess damages.

P. Advertising of Events
Space usage group shall not advertise or send out invitations to events that indicate in any way that OLLI or UNC Asheville endorses or sponsors the event unless they receive written permission from the OLLI executive director or the Chancellor. Space usage groups may only use the name “The Reuter Center” or “UNC Asheville” when indicating the location of their event.